Air Quality Services

Since 1991, Weber-Morgan Health Department has operated a federally-mandated Mobile Source (I/M) Air Quality Program in an effort to meet EPA guidelines for healthy air in our community. This program focuses on helping drivers understand their role in our local air quality. WMHD works to educate local auto repair shop owners and technicians to monitor vehicles located within Weber County to reduce the impact of auto emissions on the particulate counts and gasses emitted into the air.

Smoking Vehicle Report Form

Have you noticed vehicles putting out excessive amounts of smoky exhaust while being driven? These vehicles are generally gross polluters and should have repairs performed to allow the vehicles to meet emission requirements.

If you see such a vehicle being driven and would like to report it for testing, please make note of the license plate number, a description of the vehicle (make and color, etc.), the location, the date and time when you saw the vehicle.

We do not accept anonymous complaints. Please provide your name and phone number. Your information will remain private and won't be disclosed to the public. If you prefer, you can also call (801) 399-SMOG(7664).

Report a smoking vehicle by completing and submitting the form below:
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Vehicle Information:

Contact Information

You have the option to send videos or photos via email: