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Body Art & Piercings

  • Tatoo, permanent makeup, and body piercings are regulated through Weber-Morgan Health Department.

  • Permits/Regulations:
  • To Operate a Tattoo and/or Body Piercing Establishment
  • Body Art Regulation

  • Facilities are assigned to specific health inspectors who make routine inspections as we as investigate any alleged violations in their assigned establishments. Health department standards can be found at the Health Regulations page.


  • Commercial tanning facilities are regulated through the health department and must meet requirements for sanitation and safety.

  • Permits/Regulations:
  • Tanning Permit
  • Tanning Regulation
  • Tanning Health Risk Warning
  • UV Warning Sign
  • Tanning Consent Form

  • Patrons must be notified of the risks of tanning through proper notification forms and signage. Health department standards for tanning facilities can also be found at the Health Regulations page.

Nail/Hair Salons and Spas

  • Facilities that offer services such as hair or nail treatments and massage are not currently regulated by Weber-Morgan Health Department. However, they must maintain adequate levels of sanitation, safety, and employee training.

  • Permits/Regulations:
  • Business License Application
  • Cosmetology Facility Guidance Document

  • Health department staff may conduct a safety and sanitation inspection at the request of city business licensing departments or as a result of a complaint.

For businesses needing a business license inspection, please submit a completed application with the required fee. An inspector will contact you to schedule a time.

For questions, comments or complaints, please email or contact us at 801-399-7160.