Water Quality

The water quality division consists of the following programs:

Public drinking water

Water is a precious and limited resource in Utah. Drinking water in Weber and Morgan Counties comes from a variety of public water systems. Health department staff, in conjunction with the Utah Department of Drinking Water conducts sanitary surveys and collects monthly samples to ensure water systems meet the high standards of operation and quality required by the State. For more information go to www.drinkingwater.utah.gov or www.weberbasin.com.

For more information, please call Michelle Cooke at 801-399-7167 or the front desk at 801-399-7160.

Non-public drinking water

It is the purpose of this program to ensure that nonpublic water systems are properly constructed to provide a potable water supply to the users; to ensure that all private wells and springs are located, constructed, developed and maintained in a manner which does not adversely affect public health and the environment. For more information about well maintenance and water quality, visit water.epa.gov/drink/info/well.

To obtain a Non-Public Well/Spring Permit, please submit the following:

  • Well/Spring Permit Application and fee
  • A copy of water rights. Information can be found at waterrights.utah.gov.
  • A plan showing the well head protection zone; this can be done on the same plan design as the septic plan, if applicable.
  • Name of the well driller and a copy of the Start Card
  • An Easement Agreement, if applicable (previously recorded lots only)

NOTE: Please allow at least one business week for plan review and permit turnaround.

Links: Nonpublic Water Systems Serving 1-14 Connections Requirement

For more information, please call Brian Cowan at 801-399-7176 or the front desk at 801-399-7160.

Onsite wastewater

Onsite wastewater systems, or septic systems, are regulated in accordance with Utah State Rule, R317-4, and Weber-Morgan Health Department Rules for Individual Wastewater Disposal Systems. Septic systems are not suitable for all areas and situations. When the health department receives a request to evaluate a property for subdivision or construction, we are obligated to ensure that the proposed location and operation of the system will not create a nuisance, public health hazard, or endanger the quality of any waters of the State and will function in a sanitary manner. Consequently, the permit process for an onsite wastewater treatment system is detailed.

A number of criteria must be satisfied before the health department is able to determine if a property can sustain a septic system. The applicant must demonstrate that a property is a legal building.

List of forms/applications for Wastewater (PDF formatted and downloadable):

Lg. underground wastewater

Links: Weber-Morgan Large Underground Wastewater Treatment Systems Regulation

For more information, please call Brian Cowan at 801-399-7176 or the front desk at 801-399-7160.

Recreational water testing

Weber and Morgan Counties are fortunate to have many areas that offer swimming, boating and other water recreation. health Department staff works with the Division of Water Quality to test highly recreated water bodies for E. coli contamination. Sample sites include Pineview Dam, East Canyon, Causey, South Fork River, and parts of the Ogden River. Test results are reported to the state where an up-to-date advisory is maintained. Water sampling and testing is conducted from May through September. For results go to the Department of Environmental Quality page.

For more information, please call Brian Cowan at 801-399-7176 or the front desk at 801-399-7160.