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From 2011 to 2013, the leading injury-related deaths in Weber-Morgan Health District were unintentional and undetermined poisoning, suicide, and motor vehicle traffic crashes. Injury is the leading cause of death among Utahns ages 1 to 44, placing an enormous burden on our youngest and most vulnerable community members. The good news is that many types of injuries are predictable and preventable and can be avoided with the right education awareness and planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain a low cost car seat?

The Children’s First Safety Always Car Seat class is a program that consists of a 2-hour lecture, discussion, and hands-on practice installing and using child restraints properly. Participants must attend the full 2-hour program in order to obtain a low cost seat-for a donation fee.

What do I do with my old or expired car seat?

You can find information about recycling car seats at .

How can I get a bike or multi-sport helmet?

Bicycle and Multi-Sport Helmets are available for a donation (10-12$) by appointment at the Health Department.

How can I be involved in Safe Kids in my community?

There are several ways you can help spread our message! One way, is by joining the Safe Kids Weber-Morgan Coalition. Another way, would be to join your school’s PTA or PTO and assist with our Green Ribbon Month/Walk to School Day Materials for your school or organization on some injury prevention topics are also available to be checked out. If you would like to donate to Safe Kids Weber Morgan, to help purchase car seats or helmets for families in need, contact Jann Fawcett.

What is Safe Kids Day?

Safe Kids Day is an educational event for the community that promotes injury prevention, safety awareness, and health and wellness in a variety of different areas. Safe Kids Day is held each spring. If you would like to be a sponsor or participate in Safe Kids Day, Please contact: Jann Fawcett or Mandy Webb.

Where can I get more information about the graduated driver license laws?

You can attend a Zero Fatalities Teen Driving Class at a local participating High School. Contact Jeri Boren for dates and times or visit Utah Zero Fatalities .