Governing Youth Council (GYC)

Weber-Morgan Governing Youth Council is a youth group which plans and coordinates activities to promote positive youth lifestyles, and to help provide solutions to problems facing today's youth. They also educate peers and community leaders about nicotine/tobacco-free lifestyles.

Want to Make a Difference?

If you are a community-minded 12-18 year old, the Weber-Morgan Governing Youth Council (GYC) is a great opportunity to be involved and have your voice heard.

What is My Role at GYC?

Each year, GYC members work together to:

  • Plan and implement community events that promote nicotine/tobacco-free lifestyles.

  • Educate community leaders and decision makers at the state and local levels about problems facing our youth today.

Become a Member of the Weber-Morgan Governing Youth Council

Please fill out, print, and submit form to Lori Greene by mail, email or fax:

2019-2020 Governing Youth Council Application

Weber-Morgan Governing Youth Council Newsletter

Every three months, we will update you on how our Governing Youth Council is doing through linking you to our Quarterly GYC Newsletter. We encourage you to learn more about our amazing youth group in our community.