Car Seat/Seat Belt Class

The Children’s First Safety Always Car Seat class is a program that consists of a 2-hour lecture, discussion, and hands-on practice installing and using child restraints properly. Participants must attend the full 2-hour program in order to obtain a low cost seat-for a donation fee. They must also have the vehicle that they plan to transport the child in at the class.

Two Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians will teach the course (the course is offered in both English and Spanish).

Car seat donation fee: Percentage of all household income. The donation fee will only apply to those who are in need of a child restraint.

Class Schedule: Available upon request and is subject to change based on class attendance.

Contact Information or to sign up: Jann Fawcett, 801-399-7186

Participant must fill out the enrollment form and return it to the Division of Health Promotion at least 3 days prior to the class. Someone from the office will call and let the participant know the donation fee for the seat.

This class also meets the requirements for reduction in a fine for occupant protection violation tickets received in Utah, Nevada, California, and Hawaii . Participants attending the class because of a ticket, will receive a certificate at the end of the class for proof of attendance.