Emergency Preparedness
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Cathy Bodily
Emergency Services
Program Manager


Katie Lewis
Emergency Planner |
MRC Coordinator


Ryan Harrison
Emergency Planner |
MRC Assistant Coordinator


Ogden Location:
477 23rd Street
Ogden, Utah 84401

2nd Floor Room #240

Morgan Location:
318 East 300 North
Morgan, Utah 84050

Public Health
Emergency Services

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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Services staff strive to strengthen the communities’ ability to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from adverse public health threats and catastrophic events. We are continuously working on developing effective operational plans which we use to guide our preparedness and response activities. Another vital function of our program is to develop partnerships with local response agencies, hospitals, and other health organizations. Working together as a group helps us approach preparedness as a whole community and learn how to reduce the impact of emergency events in our lives.

Where will you and your family be when disaster strikes?

Emergencies and disasters strike quickly and without warning and can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or confine you to your home. Whether faced with a family emergency or a regional disaster, the effort you’ve put into family preparedness and disaster planning will play a large role in how well you “survive” the event.

How Do I Prepare My Family?

What would you do if basic services such as water, gas, electricity or telephones were cut off? Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster, but they cannot reach everyone right away. Medical help may not arrive at all. 9-1-1 will be totally overwhelmed in a major disaster.

Click on image to download the Family Emergency Preparedness Guide (English or Spanish version):

Family Emergency Guide 2015    Family Emergency Guide 2015-Spanish

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