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The role of WMMRC volunteers in the community is to supplement the public health system and EMS during an emergency response.

Why Join?

By becoming an MRC Volunteer, you will have the opportunity to support public health and emergency preparedness initiatives, community events, and response partners in the event of natural disasters. You will find more information at Utah's Medical Reserve Corps Programs or to join Weber County MRC and/or Morgan County MRC, click on the link below:


Unit Leadership

The Weber-Morgan MRC Advisory Board is a governing body that provides vision, leadership, management, and strategic advice for the betterment of the Weber County MRC and Morgan County MRC Units. The Board is comprised of Weber-Morgan Health Department Emergency Services Program staff, MRC volunteer leadership, representatives of partner organizations, as well as individuals that support the mission of making Weber and Morgan Counties safer, stronger, and better prepared through service and volunteerism focused on preparedness and public health.

Weber-Morgan Medical Reserve Corps Event Support Request Form

Weber-Morgan Medical Reserve Corps Event Support Request Form

Contact Information

Skyler Pyle
Emergency Services Program Manager


Katie Lewis
Emergency Planner | MRC Coordinator


Kysa Remley
Emergency Planner | MRC Coordinator