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Tuberculosis testing is provided by appointment:

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (except holidays)

Cost: $15.00.

Clients must return 48 hours to 72 hours after testing to receive verification of test results.

Please call 801-399-7250

Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial disease primarily of the lungs. It is airborne and spread when someone with active TB disease coughs, laughs or sings.

To control the spread of TB in Weber and Morgan Counties, the TB Program works with local hospitals, community agencies, private medical providers and Utah Department of Health TB Program to:

  • Identify and treat TB disease;
  • Identify, evaluate, and treat newly infected contacts to infectious TB cases;
  • Screen and treat high-risk populations for TB infection.
  • The TB Program provides screening, evaluation, and case management to accomplishing these goals.
  • Do I Need TB Skin Testing?

    Testing is recommended for:

    • people with symptoms of TB;
    • at-risk individuals with TB bacteria;
    • individuals at high risk of becoming ill if they have the TB infection.

    Should be tested if you:

    • have any symptoms of Tuberculosis (cough-especially if coughing up blood, debilitating tiredness, night sweats, fever and chills, unexplained weight loss)
    • have close contact with someone who has TB disease
    • are a health care worker
    • live or work in a prison, jail, mental institution, or a nursing home
    • have lived or traveled to a country where many people have TB
    • use needles to inject drugs
    • are on steroid medication
    • are severely underweight
    • have certain medical conditions, such as:
    • cancer
    • severe kidney disease
    • diabetes
    • silicosis
    • HIV infection

    A health care worker will ask you about your reasons for getting the TB test. Please tell the health care worker if you have had a positive reaction to a TB test in the past, or if you have already taken medication for TB infection or TB disease.

    Not Everyone Needs a TB Skin Test

    If you have questions about TB testing, please contact the Weber County Tuberculosis nurse:

    Lori G., RN - 801-399-7232.