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No one is more invested in the health, happiness, and success of a child than their parents. We want to empower you with the tools you need to help your teen make the decisions that will best benefit their health. There’s a lot of sexual information available everywhere we look. Unfortunately, much of the most easily accessible information can be inaccurate. Many teens turn to the internet and the media instead of credible sources, which is dangerous because they often learn inaccurate, dangerous, unhealthy and/or unnatural behaviors. It is especially important to remember that access to sexually explicit material is often easy to come by, and what may start out as simple curiosity may lead to more dangerous behaviors. That’s why it is essential that teens get their information from reliable sources, like parents and educators.

Teens often name their parents as the biggest influence on their decisions about sex. Talking about sex with your child can help them delay having sex, have fewer partners, and use condoms or other forms of birth control when they do have sex. Teens are less likely to participate in risky behavior if they have a healthy relationship with their parents, which allows them to ask questions and work through challenges together. Although it may seem awkward to talk about sex with your teen, it is extremely important. You can really make a difference in your teen’s future.

Talk with your child, build strong relationships, and set clear expectations and boundaries for them. These ways have been proven to prevent teen pregnancy, reduce likelihood of getting sexually transmitted diseases, and help ensure your teen lives a health and rewarding life. Here are a few more resources that may help prepare you to discuss healthy sexual relationships with your child.

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