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Health Regulations

The Weber-Morgan Board of Health has adopted the following regulations:

Topic Title File Size
Body Art Body Art Facility 343.5 KB
E-Liquid Manufacturing of E-Liquid 4.3 MB
Food Service (Safety) Food Safety Manager Certification Act (Utah Code) 25.8 KB
Food Service (Sanitation) Food Service Sanitation Regulation 749.5 KB
Food Service Utah Code (Sanitation) Food Service Utah Code Sanitation Rule
Housing Housing Sanitation and Occupancy 227.8 KB
Mass Gathering Regulation for Temporary Mass Gathering Sanitation 21.8 KB
Meth Contamination Illegal Drug Operations Site Reporting and Decontamination 296.4 KB
Outdoor Smoking Tobacco Use in Outdoor Public Places 304.4 KB
Swimming Pools The Design, Construction and Operation of Public Pools 500.4 KB
Tanning Indoor Tanning Bed Sanitation Regulations 308.3 KB
Tobacco Tobacco Sales and Permitting 5 MB
Vehicle Emissions Motor Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program 337.6 KB
Waste (Infectious & Disposal) Waste Operation, Transportation and Disposal Regulation 258.1 KB
Wastewater (Underground) Large Underground Wastewater Treatment Systems 75.6 KB
Wastewater (Onsite) Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems 674.8 KB
Water Quality Installation and Approval of Nonpublic Water Systems and Private Water Production Wells 60.4 KB