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Parent, Teen, and Child Resources

Parent, Teen, and Child Resources

‘Empowering our youth to discover their full potential through cultivation of healthy life skills, social connection, and knowledge.’

Youth Development

Late childhood and adolescence can be a challenging time for youth and their parents to navigate. Community Health offers classes and resources for both teens (and tweens) and their parents, guardians, or other caring adults to support the transition between childhood and adulthood.

–   Teen Outreach Program (TOP): for youth aged 12-18, TOP is an evidence-based program that promotes positive youth development through three key content areas; skill-building, developing a sense of self, and making connections. TOP aims to improve academic performance, decrease risk-taking behaviors, and set youth up with the skills needed to thrive.

–  Making Proud Choices! (MPC): for youth aged 12-18, MPC is an evidence-based program that promotes youth knowledge, confidence, and skills on preventing STD’s and pregnancy, including abstinence and condom use. This program is not taught in schools.

–  EveryDay Strong: for parents, guardians, and caring adults, EveryDay Strong is a research-based, presentation-style training that provides information on youth resilience and tools that can be used by adults in real-life situations to help promote this resilience. This program aims to strengthen communication between adult and youth.

–  Community Venue Presentations: the Community Health Teen Health team offer presentations on topics such as family & responsibility, talking to your teen, and youth development at community venues when requested.

For more information on youth development & teen health programs, contact the Teen Health team at teenhealth@webercountyutah.gov or 801-399-7197.

Child and Youth Safety

Community Health offers classes and resources on safety of infants, children, and older youth to keep parents, guardians, and caring adults informed and keep Weber-Morgan youth safe.

–  Car Seats: Children’s First Safety Always is a program that consists of a 2-hour lecture, discussion, and hands-on practice installing and using child car restraints properly. Participants must attend the full 2-hour program in order to obtain a low cost seat-for a donation fee. They must also have the vehicle that they plan to transport the child in at the class.

–  Bicycle Helmets: Bicycle and Multi-Sport Helmets are available for a donation of $12-$14. This also includes a helmet fitting service.

–  Parent/Teen Driving: Zero Fatalities Driving classes are offered at participating high schools in Weber and Morgan Counties to teens and their parents. This program focuses on key causes of traffic-related deaths and offers information on how to take necessary actions to keep everyone safe.

–  Safe Kids Coalition: this is a group of partner agencies, led by WMHD, that work together with the aim of making the Weber-Morgan Health District a safe place for children by preventing injuries and fatalities. The coalition is responsible for the annual Safe Kids Day, which is an educational opportunity for families of the WM community, and a fun day out!

For more information on child and youth safety classes and resources, contact the Injury Prevention team at injury@webercountyutah.gov or 801-399-7186.

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