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Children and Home Visitation Services

Children and Home Visitation Services

Home Visitations

We offer the following home visitation services: Targeted Case Management and Prenatal to 5.

Targeted Case Management

Targeted Case Management (TCM) is a service supplied under Medicaid benefits. It provides opportunities for a registered nurse to visit a family in their home. Visits include developmental milestone evaluations, parent and caregiver support, and referrals to medical, social, educational, and other support services, as needed.

Prenatal to 5

Prenatal to 5 Home Visitation is a referral-based service for children from birth to age five. Home visits are provided by a registered nurse to assess health needs, give teaching and parenting information for infants and children who have medical and social risk factors, and coordinate needed services with providers and agencies involved.

Baby Your Baby Program

The Baby Your Baby Program offers education for a healthy pregnancy and encourages expectant mothers to see their health care provider before the 13th week of pregnancy. Those who meet the income guidelines can receive temporary prenatal insurance while waiting for Medicaid approval.

How to Qualify:

For more information and to apply for Baby Your Baby, please visit medicaid.utah.gov/byb-info.

Baby Your Baby covers the following:

  • Prenatal visits with your doctor
  • Prenatal lab test
  • Ultrasound tests
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Emergency room visits related to your pregnancy
  • Dental services

CHEC (Child Health Evaluation and Care) Program

CHEC is a part of the Utah State Medicaid Program for children ages 0-21 who qualify for Medicaid. It provides preventative medical and dental care for Utah’s Medicaid children. Medicaid ensures that the child has access to necessary checkups. Having regular checkups allows the child to be evaluated, implementing any necessary follow-ups.

Weber-Morgan Health Department participates in the CHEC Program by providing courtesy calls to Medicaid patients to remind them to take advantage of their benefits.

Benefits include preventative physicals, hearing and vision screenings, mental health care, as well as access to all necessary immunizations. If there are additional medical concerns, CHEC works with the doctor insuring the child is given appropriate and necessary care. CHEC dental provides an impressive preventative program. This includes two dental examinations per year, x-rays, sealants, fluoride and necessary restoration work.

For more information, please visit https://health.utah.gov/umb/benefits/chec.php.