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Food Services Protection

Food Services Protection

The food service protection division works to provide education to food service workers and food service businesses in an effort to promote safe food handling and preparation practices.

Food Program Fees:

Food ProgramFee Amount
Restaurant permits
Risk Category 1$200
Risk Category 2$400
Risk Category 3$575
Risk Category 4$735
Temporary Establishment permits
Up to 5 days prior to event$65 + $5 each additional day
4 days prior to event$80 + $5 each additional day
3 days prior to event$90 + $5 each additional day
2 days prior to event$105 + $5 each additional day
1 day prior to event$125+ $5 each additional day
Sampling permit 3/6/12 month$25/$50/$75
Seasonal temporary food permit (operating no more than 6 months during any 12 consecutive months)$300
5 days prior to event25% added each day
Intermittent Food Establishment (limited menu/preparation; in operation maximum of 3 days/week in conjunction with an event)
Risk Level 1 – foods with no temperature control requirements$200/yr

Risk Level 2 – foods with temperature or time requirements$275/yr

Agritourism or Microenterprise Kitchen$300/yr

Food Establishment Plan Review
Risk Category 1$425
Risk Category 2$675
Risk Category 3$1050
Risk Category 4$1200
Food Worker PermitsState fee $15 + Training $10 = $25
Duplicate Food Worker Card$5
Offsite Food Handler testing$25/person; minimum 25 people
Onsite Consultation or Small Remodel$100
Mobile Food Truck: Primary Permit
Tier 1 (Two or fewer Low-Risk TCS Foods)$200
Tier 2 (More Than Two TCS Foods)$350
Dogs on Patios plan review/permit$275 | Renewal $120
HACCP Plan Review$315

Employee Health Agreements/Interview

Active Managerial Control